THERE are a lot of things to consider when investing in solar energy systems.

As well as comparing prices and efficiency, it’s also important to make sure your solar panels are facing the right direction.

After all, solar energy relies on the sun, and a misled placement decision could affect your overall energy efficiency.

According to advice website Solar Power Rocks, all solar panels in Australia should be facing north.

Though this is a relatively straight-forward answer, unfortunately it’s not always that simple.

With modern designs taking artistic spins, some houses might have the issue of not having a north-facing roof.

If you want to keep your solar panels looking sleek on your roof, then you always have the option to increase the number of solar panels you have.

More solar panels will be able to collect more solar energy, and therefore will relatively solve the issue of a non-north facing roof.

However, this is a more expensive solution, as while overcompensating for the direction, you will spend more than a normal north-facing set up.

When considering environmental factors, purchasing more solar panels to equal north-facing solar efficiency is also a negative, as buying more panels to be used inefficiently would be a waste.

If you’re open to a less-traditional look, Solar Power Rocks specialists state that for an extra cost, you can always mount your solar panels on your roof, so that they face a northern direction.

Otherwise, you’re always able to solve the issue by putting your panels on an entirely different north-facing location on your property.


A misled placement decision could affect your overall solar energy efficiency.

A misled placement decision could affect your overall solar energy efficiency.