Waste-to-energy: A renewable opportunity for Southeast Asia?

China’s experience offers lessons for countries facing growing waste problems and energy demand. A Chinese family sifts through garbage in a Jiangsu landfill. While landfills have been the cheapest method of disposal, China has looked to incineration as the second most common way to deal with the rapid growth of waste. Image: sheilaz413, CC BY-SA 2.0 via IFPRI Flickr […]

ASEAN’s insatiable demand for energy

Vietnam’s first oil refinery at Dung Quat looms over a rice field in the central province of Quang Ngai. (Hoang Dinh Nam / AFP Photo) As Southeast Asia becomes one of the fastest developing regions in the world, concerns over its energy security is fast growing. Southeast Asia has a combined population of over 600 million people […]

Will Malaysia become Southeast Asia’s clean energy leader? (commentary)

Malaysia sits at a unique crossroads. Last year’s election was a wake-up call for the powers that be, with more than 60 years of entrenched power coming to an unexpected and abrupt end. While much of our region, Australia included, slips further into the pockets of fossil fuel interests, Malaysia has the opportunity to position […]

Investing in Southeast Asia’s electricity

This file photo shows a new pylon tower used in the power distribution line coming from a hydro power plant that runs through Pak Se district in Champasak province on 25 July, 2018. (Ye Aung Thu / AFP Photo) Southeast Asia is a growing region with countries here averaging growth rates of 5.1 percent. This […]

Lack of local company participation in renewable energy: Jomo

He also said that industries and relevant authorities needed to rethink on how to resume industrialisation under the present circumstances. “The world economy has changed a lot from since the 90s when we were industrialising. In this situation, we have to admit that some of the policies are outdated and we need to update them,” […]