A new way to measure solar panel degradation

Despite many benefits and relative popularity as a renewable energy source, eventually, the sun does set on even the best solar panels. Over time, solar cells face damage from weather, temperature changes, soiling, and UV exposure. Solar cells also require inspections to maintain cell performance levels and reduce economic losses. So, how does one inspect […]

Why floating solar panels are on the rise

Workers install solar panels at a floating solar plant in China. Image: REUTERS/Stringer Solar power companies in Southeast Asian that are competing for land with agriculture, industry and expanding populations have found an innovative alternative: placing floating panels in lakes, dams, reservoirs and the sea. Earlier this week, the state utility Electricity Generating Authority of […]

Thailand’s new solar plants to float on dams and reservoirs

According to a recent report, Thailand solar energy plans are ambitious and revolutionary. The largest and oldest cement and building material company in Thailand and Southeast Asia aims to install a giant 45-megawatt floating solar farm at the Sirindhorn Dam — the first of eight dams that may receive the treatment. Floating solar farms provide the benefits of […]

Rooftop-plus-floating solar scheme nears completion in Cambodia

News on Cambodia follows Shell’s purchase last December of a 49% stake in Cleantech Solar (Credit: Cleantech Solar) A 9.8MW PV project featuring rooftop and floating elements is approaching the finish line in Cambodia, breathing new life into a national PV scene still stuck in the low-double-digit MW region. Cleantech Solar is building, financing and running […]

Southeast Asia’s solar energy “Cubed”

The Ninh Thuan province is located in the south central coastal region of Vietnam and has some of the best solar conditions in the country. Image: Nguyen Thanh Quang/Wikipedia Vietnam, says Minh Khoi Le, leader of Southeast Asia analysis for Rystad Energy, is an example of what a country with stable leadership — albeit in […]

Waste-to-energy: A renewable opportunity for Southeast Asia?

China’s experience offers lessons for countries facing growing waste problems and energy demand. A Chinese family sifts through garbage in a Jiangsu landfill. While landfills have been the cheapest method of disposal, China has looked to incineration as the second most common way to deal with the rapid growth of waste. Image: sheilaz413, CC BY-SA 2.0 via IFPRI Flickr […]