Our Mission

Sustaining the world with green energy

Since established in the year 2012, Ray Go Solar has maintained professional services throughout years of operations while meeting rigorous standards for reliability. By attaining to stringent qualities set out by the governing authorities in Malaysia, Ray Go Solar has gained honourable attainments and recognitions from various authorities in Malaysia. Among the notable recognitions include Sustainable Energy Development Authority of Malaysia (SEDA), Green Tech Malaysia, MyHijau and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

Our Vision

To be a world class Solar EPC company

Ray Go Solar works diligently towards the goal of a planet sustained solely by clean renewable energy alone. As fossil fuel supplies are rapidly depleting at an alarming rate, the world has since turned its attention towards energy generated from renewable sources such as hydropower, biomass, wind energy and solar energy. Ray Go Solar is proud to play a pivotal role in contributing to the renewable energy revolution. Together, we will be able to harness the abundance of energy from the sun to power the future.

I.S.E.C, which stands for Invest, Save, Earn & Clean Energy is a go green initiative introduced exclusively by Ray Go Solar. Homeowners, commercial business owners and organisations will be able to benefit from I.S.E.C. Clean renewable solar energy is now made more accessible to everyone.


Invest in a long-term and secured solar photovoltaic (PV) system by Ray Go Solar with a 15% yield of initial investment.


Save on costly electric utility bills by relying on solar energy as oppose to electricity from the grid


Earn a passive income by selling excess solar energy back to utility companies

Clean Energy

Generate Clean energy and contribute a significant ecological role in reducing carbon footprint while creating a greener planet.

Dato Ray Tan Boon Teck

Chief Executive Officer

Licensed & Accredited By

It was the year 2012 when Dato’ Ray Tan founded Ray Go Solar EPC Sdn Bhd. The founding of the company was with the mission of building a more sustainable world by making renewable energy a way of life.

Dato’ Ray was driven to make a difference in the way we consume energy through his personal experience of living close to an industrial area where pollution was a norm. It came to a point where his family had to wear a mask to sleep during hot spells and that is when he came to a realisation that something has to be done to save the environment and ultimately the planet we inhabit.

His journey of discovering solar energy began. From a banker, he pursued his degree in solar engineering and proceeded to establish Ray Go Solar. Today, Ray Go Solar is home to a team of dedicated and committed individuals who are in a pursuit to inspire communities to be the change the environment needs by embracing renewable energy.

Our Clients